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Speaking Science Fiction

This wide-ranging volume explores the various dialogues that flourish between different aspects of science fiction: academics and fans, writers and readers; ideological stances and national styles; di

ISBN10 : 9780853238348 , ISBN13 : 0853238340

Page Number : 248


Combining the nightmarish vision of J. G. Ballard and the linguistic brilliance of Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange, Ambient is Jack Womack's stunning first novel. Set in a decaying and violent tw

ISBN10 : 9781555847562 , ISBN13 : 1555847560

Page Number : 259


The year is 1998, and the nightmare is close at hand. The world economy has gone into a mega-crash. Most of the population has been plunged into abject poverty. Anarchy and violence stalk the streets.

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A retired general and his hit-man kidnap a Russian scientist and travel through time to an alternate New York of 1939. Plenty of high-tech glitz charges this powerful, breakthrough science fiction nov

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Page Number : 227


At once a biting satire and a taut, fast-paced thriller, Elvissey is the story of Isabel and John, a troubled couple who voyage from the year 2033 to a strangely altered 1954. They are on a desperate

ISBN10 : 1555847579 , ISBN13 : 9781555847579

Page Number : 319

Going Going Gone

Publishers Weekly has called Jack Womack a "futurist wunderkind ... fast-moving, hipper-than-hip." In his latest novel it's 1968, and Walter Bullitt, part-time U.S. government freelancer, stays busy t

ISBN10 : 1555847587 , ISBN13 : 9781555847586

Page Number : 224