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In this classic text, Mouni Sadhu lays bare the many myths and fallacies surrounding the practice of meditation. He then details a comprehensive course in meditation from the beginnings of the practic

ISBN10 : 1904658067 , ISBN13 : 9781904658061

Page Number : 363


Vampires, those dark children of the night, who rise from their coffins to suck the blood of the living, continue to hold a strange fascination and dread. In this unique collection of vampire stories

ISBN10 : 9781853264863 , ISBN13 : 1853264865

Page Number : 200


One of the most authoritative and comprehensive books on the subject-a major resource. One prominent feature is this meditation master's simple and clear answers to 150 questions asked by seekers over

ISBN10 : 9780884974444 , ISBN13 : 0884974448

Page Number : 304


This book will provide you with tools that can help you to meditate and will help you gain a stronger commitment to regular meditation practice. Learn about how to meditate, about yoga exercises and r

ISBN10 : 1846942195 , ISBN13 : 9781846942198

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Meditations is Marcus Aurelius' private book of reflections, written over a series of years in far-flung places as he led the Romans in military campaigns, quashed revolts, and dealt with the other tr

ISBN10 : 9780760752296 , ISBN13 : 076075229X

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The practice of meditation can take you into a state where your body is completely relaxed and your mind is alert, yet still and peaceful. Meditation is a beautifully illustrated, practical and access

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Called by some the "Prophet of Meditation," the bestselling author of As a Man Thinketh-one of the most popular writers in the fields of inspiration at the turn of the 20th century-here offers an insp

ISBN10 : 1602061653 , ISBN13 : 9781602061651

Page Number : 376