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Disturbing Stranger

Laura has long dreamed of marrying Tom, an old family friend who is a distant relative on her mother’s side. But he’s always seen her as a sister. Then one day, it’s discovered that her father h

ISBN10 : 4596686653 , ISBN13 : 9784596686657

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Angry Desire

Sins Wedding nerves… This was supposed to be the happiest day of Gabriella's life—her wedding day. But last night the fear had finally begun to tear her apart and she knew she couldn't go through

ISBN10 : 1459276787 , ISBN13 : 9781459276789

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Date With an Angel Luisa was drawn to Zachary West. It was more than a nurse's compassion for her patient that moved her, it was the man himself: temperamental, courageous and so very desirable. WHen

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Page Number : 189

Desert Barbarian

Marie Brinton's not a fan of snakes, but should she fear the venomous one she runs into in the desert more than Stonor Grey, the one that's trying to steal her father's company out from under him? Sto

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Wild Hunger

Sins You can never be too rich, or too thin…. When Gerard Findlay looked at Keira, he saw a tall, willowy beauty who took his breath away…. When Keira looked at herself in the mirror, she saw an u

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Page Number : 192