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In this new edition of the Very Short Introduction to Geopolitics, Klaus Dodds uses a wide range of real-life examples, from the past and present, to demonstrate not only the importance of the links b

ISBN10 : 019967678X , ISBN13 : 9780199676781

Page Number : 157


This major reference collection highlights the contested and diverse nature of geopolitics and charts the controversial intellectual history of the field. Coined by the Swedish author, Rudolf Kjellén

ISBN10 : 9781848607088 , ISBN13 : 1848607083

Page Number : 1600

Global Geopolitics

Employing thematic investigation and illustrated through case studies, Dodds explores how global politics is imagined and practised by countries such as the US and other organisations including Greenp

ISBN10 : 9780273686095 , ISBN13 : 0273686097

Page Number : 254

Christian Art

This work decodes the key themes, signs and symbols found in Christian art - the Eucharist, the Crucifixion, the Virgin Mary. It also explores the theological and historical background of Christian im

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In this Very Short Introduction, John Holland presents an introduction to the science of complexity. Using examples from biology and economics, he shows how complexity science models the behaviour of

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