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Dead Dog Like Me

Megachurch pastor Nick Gregory's life is falling apart. His wife is filing for divorce. His congregation is questioning his leadership. His faith is nearly nonexistent. It goes down hill from there. W

ISBN10 : 1617956198 , ISBN13 : 9781617956195

Page Number : 368

Let Dead Dogs Lie

Welcome to the world of serial killers and the mindset of one particular killer. How does a person kill and still remain unknown to authorities and if there is no way to stop her how far will she go?

ISBN10 : 1412035325 , ISBN13 : 9781412035323

Page Number : 370

Don T

Jim is a part time archeologist and finds emblems on an old mausoleum in an old part of a cemetery, sees some kind of inscriptions cannot make out the what it is, so he removes one. Jim inadvertly bre

ISBN10 : 1490722548 , ISBN13 : 9781490722542

Page Number : 122