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This is the life story of the wine god Bacchus-seducer, magician, and merrymaker-as never told before. Tales of his bizarre birth from a womb fashioned in his father Zeus's thigh led to even stranger

ISBN10 : 9780892367429 , ISBN13 : 0892367423

Page Number : 166

Language In Danger

Dalby projects that 2,500 languages will be lost over the course of this century, and makes the case for the vital importance of linguistic diversity. He presents a far-ranging history of how language

ISBN10 : 9780231129008 , ISBN13 : 0231129009

Page Number : 328


Take a slice of bread. It’s perfectly okay in and of itself. Maybe it has a nice, crisp crust or the scent of sourdough. But really, it’s kind of boring. Now melt some cheese on it—a sharp Vermo

ISBN10 : 1861897057 , ISBN13 : 9781861897053

Page Number : 128

American Tuna

In a lively account of the American tuna industry's fortunes and misfortunes over the past century, a celebrated food writer relates how tuna went from being sold primarily as a fertiliser to becoming

ISBN10 : 0520261844 , ISBN13 : 9780520261846

Page Number : 242

The Classical Cookbook

The daily life of classical Greece and Rome, although separated from us by 2000 years, can be recreated in almost photographic detail. The Classical Cookbook is the first book of its kind, exploring t

ISBN10 : 9780892363940 , ISBN13 : 0892363940

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Containing over 70 international recipes, Turmeric is a cookbook dedicated to one of the most versatile and ancient spices. Originally grown in India and southeast Asia, turmeric is often called a "wo

ISBN10 : 1572844736 , ISBN13 : 9781572844735

Page Number : 116